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G R A N D  S T R A N D  S U R F I N G

Montego Bay, Jamaica       

06/17-18 2017

Village Surf Shoppe Herndon Lebel Memorial

06/03-04 2017

Native Sons Salt Games

May 2016. Tyson Miller,Chris Mazeika,Justin Klem,Hunter Goodale,Bruce Schaefer,Paul Dumas

ESM Covers the Village Surf Shoppe Herndon Lebel Memorial

Team Rider Tyson Royston Athlete of the week! Grand Strand Sports Report

June 2016 Royston,Stalnaker,M azeika,Simmons,Sch aefer,Klem, McDonough

Photog: AJ Kammerer hook up with Chris Moore,Dano Fernos,Trey Lewis in Buxton, NC

July2017:Keinsmith, Mazeika,Simmons,Sc haefer,Klem,Montsin ger,Williams,Royston ,Largin.

Tyson Royston hits ESM photo of the day!

Guy Daniels Memorial Day Surf Off

August was fun! Hal Stalnaker,Justin Klem,Andrew Ficklin,Bruce Schaefer,Chris Mazeika,Butch

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Surf Report from 13th S Surfside Beach, SC

Surf Report from 64th Ave N Myrtle Beach, SC

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Eternal Wave/H20 Adventure Tours Surf Off

Sept. 30th

Recent Surf Photos from Oct 7th, Surfside Beach

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Fun sets this a.m. Reid Largin ripping early.  Mack Williams, Hunter Goodale, Justin Klem, Bruce Schaefer, Pal Pellicia also on the scene.